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Professional Concrete Imaging Services in Melbourne

Concrete Imaging

Are you searching for a company that provides detailed information about underground structures by scanning through concrete?

If so, you have come to the right place because High Resolution Concrete Scanning is a leading company when it comes to providing this type of service.

We understand that locating hidden underground obstacles can be tough.

Moreover, you cannot randomly dig through the ground without checking for underground water pipes or electrical connections first.

To make sure you don't face any issues with your construction project, we will scan the area in question and provide 3D images that will give you an idea of all the structures located underneath concrete slabs.

Using the latest machines

High Resolution Concrete Scanning believes in providing high-quality images for our clients.

That is why we use state of the art tools to scan through various types of concrete slabs.

Project contractors often complain that they don't know what they are cutting or digging through when they take on a project, especially when the concrete slab is quite thick.

Our technicians are well equipped with the latest machines to penetrate through concrete slabs that are up to 300 mm thick.

Whether you dig or cut or saw through concrete slabs, knowing what is underneath gives you complete peace of mind.

Concrete imaging

Our concrete imaging services use ground penetrating radar technology to examine concrete structures such as floors, bridges, columns, and walls.

Due to the fact we use high-resolution scanners, the resultant images are crystal clear.

With accurate mark outs, your operators can be more confident with their measurements.

The scanners we use are so advanced that they can pick up additional information that other scanners may miss out.

Our concrete imaging service comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Determining slab thickness.
  • Greater depth penetration.
  • Capable of providing depth slice images and 3D images.
  • Detect conduits, pipes, electrical wiring, tensioning cables, air voids, and similar structures.
  • Resolves second layer rebar depending on the space.

Using X-Ray Technology

High Resolution Concrete Scanning uses X-Ray technology to create photographic images of the concrete interiors.

Our clients have the option to choose both concrete imaging and concrete x-rays.

We believe that you should opt for both. You can cross check both the images before starting a project.

Our experienced technicians make sure they find the right spot to pick up the most relevant images.

In situations where we have limited space to work with, we use arials in order to provide our images and data.

Utility Scanning

Our GPR radar scanning process inspects various ground-based applications thoroughly such as fibre optic lines, electrical cables, gas lines, and water pipes.

Our utility detection service uses both radio detection and GPR to scan the area before your workers start digging.

We prioritise damage prevention to make sure your working environment is safe.

We understand that excavation work can be daunting, especially when you are digging deep.

That is why our technicians take all the necessary precautions to minimise any risks related to digging.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, our specialisation in concrete scanning services has made us the industry leaders.

If you need to perform any type of concrete scanning, look no further than us at High Resolution Concrete Scanning.

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