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High-Resolution Concrete Scanning

The construction industry requires detailed information on a number of important things such as materials, utilities, and various potential obstructions that can hinder the job at hand.

One of the things that can seriously hinder progress is the existence of underground obstructions or structures.

That is why high-quality concrete scanning is essential.

At High-Resolution Concrete Scanning, we offer advanced concrete penetrating scanning services that reduce any potential risks involved during construction.

We make your work easier with our concrete scanning process because we know that a safe work environment benefits all involved.

Accurate details

We are a leading concrete scanning service provider because of the accuracy of our equipment.

Our team understands that construction is not an easy job and requires precise information every step of the way.

That is why you can rely on us to deliver crystal clear images which ensure that your operators can carry out their tasks without any issues.

Another reason why we have the edge over our competitors is the features of the scanners we use.

We use GPR systems to reduce cost and risks because our primary objective is to promote a safe working environment.

Our team provides non-destructive testing to locate materials such as plastic, concrete, metal, and steel.

Advanced technology

High Resolution Concrete Scanning has never backed away from introducing modern techniques into our scanning process.

Our technicians use the ground penetrating radar technology to transmit and receive electromagnetic energy pulses through concrete.

The scanners are so powerful that they can penetrate up to 300 mm of concrete efficiently.

X-Ray Concrete Slabs

All our GPR tools scan the target area by sending out a high frequency electromagnetic pulse.

Once the scan is complete, we get a series of results along with images to determine any underground obstructions.

Apart from using GPR, we also use the modern x-ray concrete slab scanners to locate any obstacles that might hamper your construction project.

Since all these methods use radar-based technology, you don’t need to worry about any potential health and safety hazards.

We make sure that the scanning process does not pose any potential threat to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Our x-ray can identify electrical cables, rebar, electrical wiring, water pipes, conduits, structural steel, and many other objects that may impact the construction process.

Utility Locating

Utility detection is another area that we specialise in. It employs both GPR and radio detection techniques to scan concrete.

You can hire us to examine a specific area, and we will present detailed information on the items that may cause you any issues.

Our team is always committed to providing the most accurate details so that you can work in a safer environment.

Concrete Imaging

Our field experts are highly experienced at scanning any type of concrete slab.

They usually use a boost function that enables them to attach a stronger arial to receive powerful signals from the electromagnetic waves.

We have worked in locations that are not spacious enough to scan, but our aerials have managed to pick up information through their antennas.

Since we provide 3D images of the slab sections, you can understand the depth and diameter properly.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, our specialisation in concrete scanning services has made us the industry leaders.

If you need to perform any type of concrete scanning, look no further than us at High Resolution Concrete Scanning.

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