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Advanced concrete x-ray services

Concrete slabs, ceilings, and walls are particularly hard to scan. However, at High Resolution Concrete Scanning, we relish the challenge.

Our team is ready to take on any challenge when it comes to scanning concrete. This is one of the reasons why we are leaders in the industry.

Knowing exactly what lies under a concrete slab or behind the concrete is essential if you are in the construction business.

Our concrete x-ray services scan through any concrete surface and provide accurate images that will help you when it comes to cutting through a slab or wall without any major dramas.

We understand that you will be confronted with water pipes, conduits, and electrical cables buried underground for their safety.

However, when you are involved in the construction business, you need to be aware of these things to avoid any potential issues.

Precise concrete x-rays

Our concrete x-rays follow a non-destructive technique applying gamma rays or hard x-rays to provide images of the interiors of a concrete structure.

It doesn’t matter if it's a slab or wall, our state of the art equipment will inspect the area and provide imagery of any possible obstacles such as conduits, rebar, post tension cables, and other embedded objects.

Concrete walls and suspended slabs often create a hindrance in the construction process.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, we are here to detect any obstructions that may confront you.

Whenever you need to inspect a concrete slab to determine if electrical or water lines are present, you should hire us.

Our latest machines provide accurate images and can even help differentiate between conduit and rebar.

Concrete scanning

In addition to concrete x-rays, we also offer advanced concrete scanning services.

Concrete scanning is essential before starting a construction project as you will inevitably need detailed information about any utilities in the area.

Our concrete scanning reduces risks and also ensures a safe working environment for everyone.

In order to do this, we use GPR to test the area and scan the surfaces.

Utility location

Conductive cables and pipes are often found underground while digging.

If you don't pay attention to them before starting a construction project, they might create significant damage in the locality.

Our technicians use radio-location equipment to figure out the location of nearby utilities.

We are very cautious with our work so that you don't face any problems while you’re working.

The machine we use has a generator that induces a precise frequency in a cable or pipe. It immediately detects a signal through a receiver.

However, when there is a shortage of space, and we are unable to set up our machines properly, we use a boost function to receive the signals.

The second aerial tower provides stronger electromagnetic waves that can receive signals quicker and provide better images.

We have a team of highly experienced technicians who can set up the aerial boost from any given area.

It can generate 3D images of different slab sections such as air pockets, post-tensioning cables, concrete cancer, water retention, and slab thickness.

The machines are so accurate that they can detect the depth and diameter of the area instantly.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, our specialisation in concrete scanning services has made us the industry leaders.

If you need to perform any type of concrete scanning, look no further than us at High Resolution Concrete Scanning.

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