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Professional Utility Location Services in Melbourne

Utility Location Services

Digging through concrete slabs without inspecting what's underneath can be very risky.

It doesn’t matter where the concrete slab is located, the inspection of utility connections is a necessity when you are taking on any construction project.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to checking the interiors of a concrete slab.

Our field technicians are specially trained to perform utility location checks.

We comply with all the regulatory orders while working so that you aren’t confronted with any issues when commencing a construction project.

Utility Location Service

Our experts at High Resolution Concrete Scanning utilise the latest ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic technology to deliver accurate information on any utility lines that may be present in your location.

Our first step is to take the necessary precautions to ensure that there is no damage done to the underground utility infrastructure while carrying out the checks.

Over the years, we have used two methods to find the information we need. They are:


Our GPR scanner uses the latest software application that allows the technician to scan large areas in just a few minutes.

One of the reasons why we are the leading utility location service provider is that we perform comprehensive scanning of the location.

Most companies use forward scanning only, and that restricts them to a specific area.

However, our advanced application examines the surrounding areas of your site to ensure there are no significant mishaps while digging. The GPR technique allows our operators to locate all conductive and non-conductive underground services and can identify even the most minimal obstacles with ease.

Radio Detection

Radio detection is a traditional method when it comes to detecting underground utility services. However, we have modified this method.

We now use the latest electromagnetic location tools that are installed with the most advanced software applications that separate multiple cables in a heavily congested area.

Many companies don't have the tools that we use, and that gives us the edge over others.

Moreover, if the area is tight and the setting up of our machines is tough, we use a boost functioning aerial that picks up the electromagnetic waves.

This means that High Resolution Concrete Scanning is able to reach these areas with stronger aerials in order to provide better images and super accurate information.

Concrete scanning

Our concrete scanning machines resemble a small vacuum cleaner however, they are powerful enough to scan through concrete slabs with a thickness of up to 300 mm.

The scanners come with GPR technology that can locate the position and depth of both metallic and nonmetallic objects under a concrete structure.

Our concrete scanning service can help separate the following:

  • Electrical cables positioned under or within the concrete slab.
  • Post-tension cables present in a conduit inside a concrete slab.
  • PVC conduits in a concrete slab or any structure that contains utility units.
  • Steel reinforcement and rebar structures underneath the ground.
  • Structural beams positioned vertically or horizontally under a concrete unit.

At High Resolution Concrete Scanning, our primary goal is to maintain a safe working environment for everyone. We always aim to satisfy our customers with our quality of service.

If you need to perform any type of concrete scanning, look no further than us at High Resolution Concrete Scanning.

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