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Cutting through conduits in the process of construction can cause significant damage to electrical wiring or water pipes hidden underneath concrete slabs.

It goes without saying that unless a thorough inspection of the construction site takes place, there’s no telling what's beneath the surface.

At High Resolution concrete scanning, we provide detailed information through 3D and sliced images of concrete slab sections.

We are able to perform pinpoint accurate x-rays on concrete slabs to determine if there are any existing pipes and wiring behind walls or underneath floors.

Accurate concrete slab x-rays

High Resolution concrete scanning prides itself on providing the most accurate imaging.

We use some of the latest concrete x-ray techniques to obtain precise images of the scanned concrete structure.

These images show the concrete subsurface and reveal all the potential hazards that are lying underneath.

Through the use of our ground penetrating radar, we are able to provide a faster, more versatile, and cost-effective method to gather data with regard to utilities or other obstructions under concrete slabs.

We are able to provide both digital and regular x-ray imaging of concrete.

For example, if we think that a slab is too thick for regular scanning, we will use the digital method to scan the interiors.

Our x-ray machines can scan concrete slabs measuring up to 300 mm.

concrete scanning

High Resolution concrete scanning uses a combination of concrete imaging and electromagnetic waves to perform detailed geophysical scanning on walls, ceilings, floors, and columns.

This method thoroughly analyses the given area and once we finish the scanning process, we will provide high-resolution images of our findings.

Trench cutting and core drilling often dig deep into the surface, and if you don't pay attention to the utilities underneath, you can damage the pipes and electrical connections.

Concrete Imaging

One of the reasons why concrete imaging is fast becoming an essential part of the construction process is that it provides accurate information about conduits, mesh, rebar, voids, slab thickness and delimitation among other things.

Our focus is to provide information that is so precise that you can confidently rely on this data to accurately perform any necessary measurements that are required as part of your work.

Apart from regular and digital x-ray scanners we also use GPR technology for areas that are tough to reach.

Our technicians set up boost function aerials that scan the entire zone for any obstructions or hazards.

Any disruption to the signals being sent to the aerials means there are obstructions nearby.

If that is the case, we will scan that area repeatedly to pinpoint the location of these obstructions.

Our concrete imaging service is the safest in the industry.

We have heavily invested in some of the best machines in the business to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our inspections.

Most importantly, none of our machines emit harmful radiation that might affect the surrounding environment.

We are constantly striving to improve your working conditions through our services.

As part of our service, our technicians will also mark out the zones that may have underground utility lines.

Apart from the mark out points, we also provide detailed data, including photos, to ensure that you don't miss even the smallest obstruction before digging.

High Resolution concrete scanning is a firm believer in quality service. If you need to perform any type of concrete scanning, look no further than us at High Resolution concrete scanning.

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